Watch the History Chanel Video "How The Earth Was Made" and answer the following questions.

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  1. Geology as a profession is only about how old
  2. Who is considered the Father of Modern Geology
  3. According to early interpretation of the Bible, the Earth is how old
  4. What feature studied in "geologic time" indicated to Hutton that the Earth had to be more than 6000 years old
  5. The Earth was formed by _ collisions with the proto-Earth
  6. Lord Kelvin's age of the Earth was based upon the _ of a molten crust
  7. In 1911 used radioactivity to estimate an accurate age of the Earth to be how old
  8. Radioactive uranium decays to _.
  9. The accepted age of the Earth is _.
  10. The Barberton Hills of South Africa have _ that show the planet had oceans by 3.5 billion years (b.y.) ago
  11. Many Geologist now believe that much of the Earth's water came from _Rather then out of gassing volcanic activity
  12. By 4.0 b.y. ago _ % of the Earth was covered with
  13. The early atmosphere around 4.0 b.y. was ~200 degrees F mainly due to _.
  14. The nucleus of the continents appears around 3.4 b.y. and are composed of _
  15. Superheated mixing with basalt can form .
  16. The shallow coastal waters of the new continents 3.5 B.Y. ago hosted Earth's first life; the _
  17. The new life strips what out of the atmosphere and adds what to it?
  18. Seas change from to due to the oxidation of iron in the water
  19. The world's supply of iron ore is mined from rocks called the_
  20. By 1.5 B.Y. the continents cover % of the Earth's surface and are moving about in a theory we call _ today
  21. The meteorologist in 1912 proposed continental drift based upon what evidence
  22. Oceanic floor is continuously being _
  23. The island of Iceland is situated on the _.
  24. The fissure canyons of Iceland are opening at a rate of inch/year.
  25. Plate motion can be traced back to _ b.y. when Canada and the U.S form the core of the super continent called _.
  26. The Earth became a _ when the super continent blocked the redistribution of heat by ocean currents.
  27. Life at the time was brought to near .
  28. Rodinia was split by _ activity and the Earth's atmosphere was briefly warmed by _
  29. Sea water was rich in _.
  30. The _ Shale in the Canadian Rockies is a treasure trove of Period fossils.
  31. Fossils at the beginning of the Paleozoic show the adaptation of these features not seen in earlier fossils?
  32. The accumulation of oxygen in the atmosphere allowed the formation of the_ which became a shield for what radiation?
  33. The first life to move ashore some 300-400 million (m.y.) ago were _.
  34. The Carboniferous, part of which is the Pennsylvanian, was a time of widespread _ that accumulated later to be transformed to _.
  35. 240 m.y ago the continents were re-assembled into a second super continent called _
  36. The high levels of oxygen and CO2 lead to the rise of the in the Mesozoic.
  37. Dinosaur means _
  38. 180 m.y ago was split apart by an upsurge in volcanism the put large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere causing to the climate
  39. The diamonds of Kimberly occur in what kind of features?
  40. The end of the Mesozoic, 65 m.y. ago saw an extinction rate of % and is believed to be due to a _ on the north end of the Yucatan Peninsula in _.
  41. The tombstone meteorite contains the rare element .
  42. At the same time great outpourings of lava in _ were adding dust and gasses to the atmosphere.
  43. The demise of the dinosaurs led to the expansion of the as the new dominant life form
  44. The Alps represent the collision of _ and _.
  45. The top of the Matterhorn has rocks from .
  46. All mountains owe their origin to _.
  47. The height of mountains is a determined by what two major processes?
  48. The uplift of the Plateau by the American plate over riding the plate has caused the _ River to cut the Grand Canyon.
  49. About 2 m.y. ago the Isthmus of _ was formed disrupting ocean currents and bringing on the _.
  50. _ closed the isthmus.
  51. Glaciers move like slow moving
  52. What major American city was once covered by a massive glacier?
  53. Deposits from glaciers created Island and Cape _
  54. The basins of the _ Lakes were carved by the glaciers.
  55. The retreat of icecaps and glaciers most recently occurred how many years ago?
  56. Do geologists think there will be another advance of the icecaps and glaciers?
  57. The Great Plate Tectonic "machine" will someday _.


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