Using google earth - create a .KMZ file that flys to all of the state capitals in alphabetical order by name of the city. Review the 3rd video on the tutorial page and the manual for specific instructions *hint you are creating a places folder, adding place-marks, creating a path and saving the folder as a kmz file. Email file to Mr. Lewis when it is done



Step 1 -

FIND A NEW PARTNER!! (move the cheese)

Use Google Earth to map the following locations

(Extra credit for divergent thinking - extra effort used in the label)

Part A: Mapping Exercise Directions: Label (or number) the world map with the land and water features listed below

Continents (Red)

1. North America

2. South America

3. Australia

4. Europe

5. Antarctica

6. Asia

7. Africa

Oceans and Seas (Blue)

1. Atlantic Ocean (1N. North and 1S. South)

2. Pacific Ocean (2N. North and 2S. South)

3. Indian Ocean

4. Arctic Ocean

5. North Sea

6. Baltic Sea

7. English Channel

8. Norwegian Sea

9. Barents Sea

10. Mediterranean Sea

11. Adriatic Sea

12. Aegean Sea

13. Black Sea

14. Caspian Sea

15. Great Lakes

16. Red Sea

17. Persian Gulf

18. Arabian Sea

19. Bay of Bengal

20. South China Sea

21. East China Sea

22. Yellow Sea

23. Sea of Japan

Rivers (Green)

1. Nile River

2. Amazon River

3. Mississippi River

4. Rio Grande

5. Indus River

6. Ganges River

7. Danube River

8. Yangtze River

9. Yellow River

10. Tigres River

11. Euphrates River

Mountain Ranges and Deserts (Brown or Black)

1. Alalska Range

2. Rocky Mountains

3. Appalachian Mountains

4. Andes Mountains

5. Alps

6. Atlas Mountains

7. Ural Mountains

8. Hindu Kush

9. Himalaya Mountains

10. Atacama Desert

11. Sahara Desert

12. Gobi Desert

13. Kalahari Desert

14. Namib Desert

15. Syrian Desert

16. Great Sandy Desert