Use Google Earth to plot the last tour of your favorite band or performing group

(someone that has taken their show on the roll)

Possible tours include

  • your favorite band or musical group (like KISS!!)
  • the ballet
  • the circus
  • a favorite comedian

#1 select a favorite performing group that has had or is having a concert/performance tour
#2 Create a wiki PAGE (not a new wiki space) to keep track of your work
call your new wiki PAGE the name of your selection in #1 tour
#3 Create a link from your wiki PAGE to the performing groups website
#4 copy and paste the tour information from the website to your wiki
#5 Use google earth to plot the tour stops - limit your tour to ONLY 20 stops
these stops must be IN ORDER
place the marker point on the VENUE no just the city

When you insert the point for the name (#1) you put the date of the show (month/day/year) and the location of the venue, city name
ex July 3, 2009 Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA
the push pin should be a custom graphic representing the performing group/band (#2)
the description (#3) should be a summary of a review of the show at that tour stop
this will require some web searching to find a LOCAL news source that has a review - YOU summarize that review ( one paragraph MAX)

#6 When you are done with the whole tour, save the project as a KMZ file and put it on your wiki
#7 Use Quicktime to screen record your google earth tour and save that tour as a MOV file
#8 import the MOV file into iMovie
#9 add concert images (photos) and your favorite song either from the group/band or that represents the group to you
#10 Export the movie as a MOV file (complete music video) and upload it to VIMEO
#11 Embed the video into your wiki page